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The Crew

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The "Smutje" at work in his modest galley.

Quite a lot of attention was given to the officer's furnishings. The Kommandant enjoyed a bar.

Enlisted men eat on the folding table in their cabin. Note the wood paneling.

Moral is good. Between sortees against Russian ships, this crew relaxes in a Finnish port.

Constant vigilance was crucial. (From Hummelchen Warship Profile no 31)

Inside the wheelhouse.

The radioman recieves and delivers messages to the Captain through portholes connecting cockpit and wheelhouse.

Helmsman at his station. The interior was painted black to aid his night vision.

The Kommandant. The fate of the crew and their mission rested on his skill and judgement.

The Chief Petty Officer in life vest.

Alongside depot ship Carl Peters: refuelling, replentishment, rearming, routine. Note the national flag painted on the wheelhouse.(From Les vedettes au combatMarines Magazine no 7.)

"To London with Love" Chalking ironic humor onto ordinance in the time-honored tradition.

Typical crewman's work clothing-- a short denim jacket and matching pants. The yellow rubberized canvas life vest is one of several KM types.

Original Schnellboot Badge, 2nd Pattern.

Original Schnellboot Award Document to a Midshipman, signed Fuhrer der Schnellboote Kapt.z.S u. Kommodore Rudolf Petersen 1944.

Reverse of the same badge. Marked L/16

Der Bordhund, napping on the wheelhouse roof, was an important member of the crew. The gilded horse shoe was this boat's talisman.