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Prinz Eugen in Miniature

There are currently three injection molded plastic kits of the Prinz Eugen. Revell's 1/720 kit has been completely outdated by Tamiya's recent 1/700 version. Heller offers a 1/400 kit that dates to the 1970s. Both the Tamiya and Heller kits can be built into very nice scale representations of the Prinz Eugen. The Revell kit is best left in the box.

Even in miniature, Der Prinz maintains an impressive warlike stature.

Both Tom's Modelworks(USA) and White Ensign Models (UK) issue excellent brass detail sets for these kits which include railings. Click on the links to their catalogs for nice extra details such as Flak weapons and cable reels.

White Ensign 1/700 includes parts for Admiral Hipper

Tom's Modelworks displays their usual finesse in 1/400. (Railings included but not shown here.)

Naturally, the designers referred to!

Master Modeller Melvin Tung from Taiwan built this magnificent 1/700 scale model using as a reference. Seen here before going into its sea base.

Click thumbnail image to view full size picture!

Meanwhile in England, the famous WW1 aviation historian Ray Rimell, produced this smashing 1/700 diorama of Prinz Eugen just back from Unternehmung Rheinubung, also using as his documentation. Note the type IX U-boat in the foreground, nice touch!