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Prinz Eugen in May 1941 (top), in Norway late February 1942 (center), and in 1944 (bottom).
Drawings by Manuel P. González López.


*Becker, Cajus "The German Navy 1939-1945" Dial Press, 1974. Basic pictorial history of the Kriegsmarine.

*Breyer, Siegfried/ Koop, Gerhard "Von der Emden bis zur Tirpitz" Bernard & Graefe Verlag 1995. Technical design history of the German combat fleet.

*Breyer, Siegfried "Marine Arsenal Band 19, Schwerer Kreuzer Prinz Eugen" Podzun Verlag 1992. Excellent paperback with technical data, capsule history, photographs and a superb centerfold plan.

*Busch, Fritz Otto "Prinz Eugen im Ersten Gefecht" Bertelsman 1943. Propagandistic narrative of Operation Rheinubung by official Kriegsmarine reporter assigned to PG. Some very interesting photos.

*Busch, Fritz Otto "Schwerer Kreuzer Prinz Eugen" subtitled "Die Geschichte des Froehlichen Schiffes" Sponholz, 1958. An anecdotal history by former official Kriegsmarine reporter assigned to PG. Some photos.

*Busch, Fritz Otto "Schwerer Kreuzer Prinz Eugen 1941-1942" subtitled "Britische Jagd auf ein deutsches Kriegsschiff" Erich Pabel Verlag 1986. Narrative of unsuccessful RAF air strikes against the Prinz Eugen.

*Coker, P.C. "Building Warship Models" 1974 Cokercraft. Highly illustrated book featuring photographs and drawings of model ships and model ship building techniques. Includes centerfold plan of Prinz Eugen. A classic.

*Friedman, Norman "Battleship Design and Development 1905-1945" Mayflower books 1978. Technical aspects of heavy warship design understandable to the layman.

*Groener, Erich "Die Deutsche Kriegsschiffe 1815-1945 Band 1, Panzerschiffe, Linienschiffe, Schlachtschiffe, Flugzeugtraeger, Kreuzer, Kanonenboote" Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1992. The standard historical reference on the ships of the German Navy.

*Hansen, Hans Juergen "The Ships of the German Fleets, 1848-1945" Arco Press 1973. Pictorial history of the rise and fall of the German navy. Includes a sharp color photo of Prinz Eugen's A&B turrets.

*Herzog, Bodo "Die Deutsche Marine im Kampf 1939-1945" Podzun Verlag, 1969. Excellent general pictorial of the Kriegsmarine.

*Hodges, Peter "The Big Gun" subtitled "Battleship Main Armament 1860-1945". Good guide to naval artillery.

*Humble, Richard "Hitler's High Seas Fleet" Ballantine 1974. Basic text on the German navy.

*Koop, Gerhard/Schmolke, Klaus Peter "Die Schweren Kreuzer der Admiral Hipper-Klasse" Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1992. Illustrated technical historical overview of the Kriegsmarine's heavy cruisers. (Also published in English Translation by Naval Institute Press.)

*Koop, Gerhard/Schmolke, Klaus Peter "Vom Original zum Modell, die Schweren Kreuzer der Admiral Hipper-Klasse" Bernard & Graefe Verlag, 1993. Softcover pictorial companion to the above. Includes some nice technical drawings and (dubious) camouflage schemes

*Lenton, H.T. "German Warships of the Second World War" Macdonald & Janes 1975. Illustrated pocket guide to the Kriegsmarine's fleet.

*Potter, J.D. "Fiasco" Heinemann 1970. Excellent history of the Channel Dash.

*Schmallenbach, Paul, "Die Geschichte der deutschen Schiffsartillerie" Koehlers Verlag 1968. Broad history & commentary of German naval artillery, written by Prinz Eugen's Artillery officer.

*Schmallenbach, Paul, "Kreuzer Prinz Eugen unter 3 flaggen" Koehler Verlag, 1978. The official history of Prinz Eugen, written by the 1st Artillery Officer and based on ship's logs and interviews. Well-illustrated, well-narrated and accurate. By far the best book on Prinz Eugen.

*Schmallenbach, Paul, "Warship Profile #6, Kriegsmarine Prinz Eugen" Doubleday & Company 1970. Illustrated booklet from this classic series, dense with technical and historical information. Excellent.

*Sowinski, Lawrence "Warship Pictorial Prinz Eugen" in "Warship Volume III" Naval Institute Press 1979. Excellent dockside photographs from the US National Archives.

*Sieche, Erwin "German Naval Radar to 1945" in "Warship" vol 21, 22 & 27. Still the best English language reference on this elusive subject matter.

*Time Life Books Editors "The Third Reich, War on the High Seas" Time Life Inc, 1990. Good basic history of the Kriegsmarine, including an interesting sequence of photos related to HMS Trident's torpedo attack on Prinz Eugen.

*Warship Editors "Camera at Sea 1939-1945" Naval Institute Press, 1978. Photos of the war at sea, including several Ferdinand Urban's rare color shots.

*Whitley, Michael "German Cruisers of World War Two" Naval Institute Press 1985. Excellent historical and technical treatise with extensive photographs and drawings. Highly recommended.

*Winklareth, Robert "The Bismarck Chase" subtitled "New Light on a Famous Engagement" Thought-provoking commentary on the battle between Bismarck / Prinz Eugen vs Hood / Prinz of Wales. Traces Prinz Eugen's movements in the battle.

*Worth, Richard "Fleets of World War II" DaCapo Press 2000. A succinct and accurate comparitive view of the vessels of world navies during WW2.


Super Bismarck website

Another excellent Bismarck website

The Floating Drydock offers plans and glossy 8x10" detail photographs of Prinz Eugen.

HMS Hood Association a serious and dedicated gathering place for the history of HMS Hood and Operation Rheinubung.

Island Farm Special POW Camp 198 fascinating biographies of their famous German "guests" including naval officers and admirals.

On the Slipway Evert Jan Foeth's fine scale modelling reference website. Articles on constructing 1/350 scale HMS Hood and Bismarck in painstaking detail., a Japanese website featuring the precision 1/700 scale work of master modeller "Omami". Highly inspirational material for building the Tamiya 1/700 Prinz Eugen.

RAL Color System explains the German industrial standard for colors and offers numerous paint chip indexes for sale. Note, the RAL system was modified immediately after WW2 so the modern paint chips are not identical to the WW2 ones.

Tom's Modelworks USA, has photo-etched parts for Prinz Eugen in 1/700 and 1/400; other Kriegsmarine fittings. includes lively discussion boards pertaining to the Kriegsmarine, full size and models.

US National Archives massive US Government repository of Naval documents and photographs. Extremely well organized and helpful.

US Naval Historical Center center for naval history and research, as above, extremely helpful and well organized.

White Ensign Models UK, has photo-etched parts for Prinz Eugen in 1/700 and 1/400; other Kriegsmarine fittings.

Warships1 an immense amount of information on heavy naval units with a lively discussion board and knowledgable visitors.

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