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Schnellboot in Action

by David L.Krakow

Squadron's sought after and long out-of-print 2003 edition of SCHNELLBOOT in ACTION has been expanded and reprinted as a new edition. The 2nd edition has been thoroughly improved with corrections, new information, new color profiles, all new drawings, and over 40 additional photos presented in a sharp new 80 page format. As before, this book is a thorough pictorial and technical study of the Schnellboot, from early origins through the present-day restoration of S 130. This book is not a unit history*, but a lavishly illustrated technical study, narrated through information-rich text and captions.

Previously unpublished photos fill in areas not well covered in the first edition. Provided are crisp detail views such as a seldom-seen armored bridge boat with a Flak Vierling, a full page deck view of an S 38 class boat, S 67's experimental plastic wheelhouse, radar antenna, weapons and so on. New and/or corrected captions provide an enhanced level of detail. Wherever possible, boats are identified by number or captain, and technical details are explained and identified by their proper Kriegsmarine nomenclature. Identifying characteristics of the S 26 class are finally clarified. Geographical data is enhanced: harbors and other locations in most photos are now correctly identified, thanks to the exhaustive, international effort of contributors to the book. Three previously unpublished wartime color photos are included.

All new, detailed drawings replace the inaccurate illustrations of the 2003 edition. For the first time in print each class of vessel is accurately shown in plan and profile. All the major classes (S 7, S 30, S 38, Armored S 38, S 100 and S 151) are shown as full page general arrangement plans. All other classes, plus Oheka II, are included as 1/4 page size general arrangement plans. All the drawings are based on primary research and contain a wealth of new information. For example, the full page S 30 and S 151 class general arrangement drawings are entirely new to print, no previous publication had more than crude sketches of these boat classes. The S 100 class drawing shows "as-built" details which diverge from all previously published drawings. Further, wherever possible, different variants are included in the illustrations. So, for example, S 1 is shown in its original 1930 appearance (profile drawing page 5, photo page 6 ) post major refit (general arrangement plans page 8) and finally as the Spanish Navy's Badajoz (color profile p 71).

Detail illustrations include high resolution perspective views of the RZA torpedo sight, radar and radio antenna on the rear of the wheelhouse, 2cm Flak Zwilling and the 3.7cm Flak 42. Also provided are drawings of the torpedo tube and torpedo, a diagram of 2cm bow Flak gun, and more.

Five of the 11 color profiles are new additions. Of note is a documented but previously unpublished pink color scheme used by the Kriegsmarine in the English Channel. Also noteworthy are the redrawn and corrected insignia, plus a KM paint color cross-reference table. The G7a torpedo diagram provides much needed color documentation for this important but elusive detail. The 2003 color profiles have been corrected to eliminate the erroneous boot top, etc.

In summary, the 2013 edition of "SCHNELLBOOT in ACTION" is a comprehensive overview of these sleek attack craft with emphasis on visual materials of interest to model makers, supported by detail rich text and captions. Groundbreaking new information, new photos, new drawings, more pages and numerous corrections make this book a clear improvement over the original 2003 edition, and the most complete visual reference to the Schnellboot. **

Now available by mail order from Squadron inc. or in hardcover or softcover formats!

*Adequate coverage of S-boot operations would require a book unto itself, therefore the Squadron book focuses on technical aspects not well covered in other literature. Readers seeking a Schnellboot unit history may be interested in Whitley's "German Coastal Forces" or Hans Frank's "S-Boats in Action." However, the best reference by far is Hummelchen's german language "Die Deutschen Schnellboote im Zweiten Weltkrieg."

**I'm currently at work on the companion volume. Do you have any wartime or postwar Kriegsmarine Schnellboot detail photos to share, sell or trade? Please contact me: